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Our vision is to utilize athletics, academics, and mentorship to promote teamwork, character building, hard work, and positivity for underprivileged youth.

Collecting Donations

100 Ways was created to empower youth by providing stability through sports, mentorship, and education. There are too many instances where the youth are given one of the aforementioned aspects and the others are neglected-or there is no focus on either of them. 100 Ways focuses on all three aspects giving young people a plethora of opportunities and abilities to choose the way they want their dreams to play out.


In athletics, youth are taught the importance of hard work, teamwork, and discipline. These factors are important because in order to be a great leader one must learn to follow. Athletics, if incorporated with other aspects of life, set a precedent for greatness. 100 Ways also focuses on mentorship and academic success.


Mentorship builds character, self-esteem, and work ethic. Young people should know they have someone in their corner, someone who is rooting for their success. Knowing that someone exists can make a massive difference in their lives. Mentorship is not just about having a cheerleader. It is also about having someone there to help you when you fail. 100Ways is not in place to teach young people that life is great; however, it was created to teach the that no matter what obstacle they face they still have the ability to succeed.


The power of education is common knowledge in 100 Ways. We let our youth know that a person can be great athlete and have the most confidence in the world but only be an average person without an education. For that reason we focus on academic success. Tutoring and other means of academia are utilized in our programs because we put equal importance on all aspects of our program. Our focus is on building student athletes, not athletes who go to school.


All funds of this non profit will go to the building up of our youth. Cost of fees, purchasing equipment, and providing various workshops. A child's financial background should NOT determine their success. We are giving the opportunity for youth to participate in extracurricular sports, who otherwise would not be able to afford them. 100 Ways is a non profit for the betterment of the community by eliminating the bored and unmotivated by helping them see their full potential and purpose.


On Sept 6, 2016, 100 Ways was approved for it's 501(c)3 and the non profit was given its offical means of ensuring youth had 100 ways to ensure they can be successful. 

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