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Our vision is to utilize athletics, academics, and mentorship to promote teamwork, character building, hard work, and positivity for underprivileged youth.

Collecting Donations

100 Ways was created to empower youth by providing stability through sports, mentorship, and education. Our goal is to give kids an opportunity to participate in events that equip them with essential life skills while empowering them to explore and unlock their full potential. Through our events, we foster an environment that nurtures their individual strengths and interests, providing them with the tools and guidance to navigate the challenges of life with confidence and resilience. Our goal is not just to teach them to succeed but to inspire them to dream big and set ambitious goals and take meaningful steps towards realizing their aspirations.


All funds of this non profit will go to the building up of our youth. Cost of fees, purchasing equipment, and providing various workshops. A child's financial background should NOT determine their success. We are giving the opportunity for youth to participate in extracurricular sports, who otherwise would not be able to afford them. 100 Ways is a non profit for the betterment of the community by eliminating the bored and unmotivated by helping them see their full potential and purpose.


On Sept 6, 2016, 100 Ways was approved for it's 501(c)3 and the non profit was given its offical means of ensuring youth had 100 ways to ensure they can be successful. 

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